OREANDA-NEWS  FIFA Council recognized the last in Russia the World Cup the best in history, told Council member Alexei Sorokin.

FIFA presented a report in which it was noted that "based on the analysis of the world Cup 2018 in Russia can be recognized as the best in history on the basis of a number of criteria: the readiness of infrastructure, the purity of the sports aspect, the good organization of the competition as a whole."

"From both football and non-football points of view, the 2018 FIFA World Cup was recognized as a huge success for the host side," Sorokin added.

The FIFA Council meeting was held in Rwanda.

The World Cup brought the economy almost a trillion rubles.  Earlier it became known that the total impact of the championship on Russia's GDP for 2013-2018 amounted to 952 billion rubles, or about one percent of the country's annual GDP. This conclusion was reached by the organizing Committee of the tournament, which conducted a study.

According to the document, Russia spent 688 billion rubles on the preparation and holding of the tournament.

The overall impact on Russia's GDP exceeds that of similar events in Brazil, South Africa, Germany and South Korea, and is closest to that of Japan.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is the 21st FIFA World Cup, the final part of which was held in Russia from June 14 to July 15, 2018. Russia for the first time in its history became the host country of the world football championship, in addition, it was held for the first time in Eastern Europe. Also for the first time the world Cup was held on the territory of two parts of the world — Europe and Asia. The 2018 world Cup was held at 12 stadiums in 11 Russian cities. This is the first football world Cup, which used the system of video assistance to referees.