OREANDA-NEWS. Former first racket of the world tennis player Maria Sharapova entered the top 10 ranking of the richest women in Russia who made their fortune on their own.

In the ranking, which was compiled by Forbes magazine and published on the website of the publication, Sharapova ranks tenth and is the only athlete in the top 10.

The fortune of 33-year-old Sharapova is estimated at $ 200 million. The first place in the ranking is occupied by Tatiana Bakalchuk, whose fortune is estimated at $ 10.1 billion.

Sharapova is a five-time winner of the Grand Slam tournaments; in February 2020, the Russian woman announced her retirement.

At the end of December, the media reported that Maria Sharapova announced that she agreed to become the wife of the English businessman Alexander Gilks. In the Instagram account, the 33-year-old athlete posted several joint photos with her future husband. Gilkes is 40, he comes from a family of British aristocrats. The businessman currently heads the Paddle8 auction house, and also holds a post on the board of the New York Academy of Arts.

On January 1, Sharapova published a photo from the interior of the car, in the photo you can see a ring with a large stone on the ring finger of the Russian woman's left hand. According to the Daily Mail, citing its own source, the 5-carat jewelry is handcrafted from 18K rose gold and oxidized silver with an emerald-cut diamond centered by renowned jeweler Jessica McCormack. The cost of the engagement ring, presented to the ex-first racket of the world to the Russian woman Maria Sharapova by her fiancé, British businessman Alexander Gilkes, is estimated at 400 thousand dollars, according to the Daily Mail.