OREANDA-NEWS. German amateur football club SV Holdenstedt II beat SG Ripdorf/Molzen II with a score 37:0.

The Goal portal reports that the day before the match, Holdenstedt’s players were in contact with a person infected with coronavirus of a new type. After that Ripdorf asked to postpone the match for another day, but the request was rejected. As a result, the team made a decision to participate in the match, since if it refused, it would face a large fine.

The players entered the field, but defiantly did not make contact with opponents, observing the rules of social distancing. So Holdenstedt’s footballers scored 37 goals to Ripdorf.

The largest score in the history of football was recorded in the championship of Madagascar. In 2002, Stade Olympique l’Emyrne was defeated 0:149 by Adema. This occurred because of a protest of a goalkeeper against the refereeing during the match.