OREANDA-NEWS. In mid-April, the European Gymnastics Championship was held - a large-scale event for all those who are not indifferent to sports. It is known that the 21-year-old national champion of Germany Sara Voss performed this year in the competition program in an outfit unusual for this sport. Sarah came out to the audience not in a classic gymnastic suit in the form of a bodysuit, but in a jumpsuit that completely covered the girl's legs.

Voss argued her choice by the fact that this is how she is going to fight sexualization in sports. The example of the athlete was followed by several more German gymnasts.

“As women, we want to be ourselves and feel comfortable. And in a sport like gymnastics, it becomes more and more difficult to do as you grow up and change in the body. When I was little, I didn't see any problems in tight suits. But when it was time for puberty, I began to feel less and less comfortable, ”said German team member Kim Bui.

Sarah Voss' decision was willingly supported by the German Artistic Gymnastics Federation. The head of the federation said that in sports, women should not feel discomfort and can perform in any dress. The representative of the federation believes that the issue of objectifying the female body in sports has become especially relevant to prevent sexual harassment.

“We hope that gymnasts who feel uncomfortable in regular suits will have the courage to follow our example,” said Sarah.