OREANDA-NEWS Manchester United halfback Paul Pogba said that thieves broke into his house at the moment when his team were playing with Atletico in the 1/8 final of the Champions League. There were children in the bedroom during the robbery. The football player noted that he was returning home, not knowing if they were safe.

«Last night our family's worst nightmare came true when our house was broken into and robbed while our children were sleeping in their bedroom. The robbers stayed in our house for less than five minutes, but during that time they took something more valuable from us than everything we had at home... our sense of security and security», Pogba wrote on Twitter.

According to the footballer, the incident occurred when the match between Manchester United and Atletico was coming to an end. When he and his wife found out about the burglar's actions, they immediately headed home.

«We didn't know if our children were safe and sound or not. As a father, I can say that in this world there is no feeling worse than not being able to be there to protect your children», he added. According to preliminary data, the children were not injured as a result of the robbery.

Following the results of two matches, Manchester United lost to Atletico with a total score of 1:2 and were eliminated from the Champions League.