OREANDA-NEWS. Football players of the club «Angusht» (Nazran) beat the referee Sergey Smirnov, who worked on the match with «Energetik» from the Prohladnyi city (3rd division, zone of the Southern Federal District /North Caucasus Federal District). This is reported by the portal «Football SFD-NCFD».

At the end of the game, «Angusht» player Bekhan Aliyev was removed from the field for swearing at the referee. Leaving the field, he threw a bandage removed from his arm at the assistant referee.

At the end of the match, the «Angusht» players surrounded the chief referee Sergey Smirnov. Magomed Balayev hit him twice in the face with his hand, Ruslan Zyazikov struck two blows with his foot and hand from behind, and Aliyev attacked the assistant referee Vitaly Naumov, knocked him to the ground and kicked him several times.

Police officers ran onto the field, the judges were taken under guard. The Control and Disciplinary Committee disqualified Aliyev for two years, Balayev and Zyazikov for a year.

The meeting was held on September 29 and ended with the victory of «Energetik» with a score of 2:1.