OREANDA-NEWS. The International Olympic Committee upheld its rules regarding the conduct of political and other actions during the Olympic Games in Tokyo: they are still strictly prohibited. This rule also applies to the Black Lives Matter movement, which is also banned.

Few supporters of Black Lives Matter have previously repeatedly advocated a revision of the Olympic Charter clause banning political, religious and racial propaganda during the Games. The IOC refused to change this rule.

The head of the IOC Athletes' Commission Kirsty Coventry told Reuters that in a poll among more than 3.5 thousand athletes, more than 70% of them opposed the demonstration and expression of their political or religious views at the Olympics.

The IOC has confirmed a ban on this kind of propaganda and the Black Lives Matter movement has also come under this rule. The International Committee has warned of sanctions against participants in the Tokyo Olympics who are going to publicly express solidarity with BLM. True, what the punishment will be, the sources do not report.

Earlier it was reported that rallies of supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement began in New York amid the verdict in the case of the death of African American George Floyd. This was reported by RIA Novosti on Monday, April 20.