OREANDA-NEWS. Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga told reporters that the country's leadership will consider the safety of life and health of people as the main thing during the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo.

"It would be quite natural to refuse to host the Games if we cannot ensure the protection of people's lives and health," Suga said during the parliamentary debates of the parties. When asked why the government is pushing for the Games despite the risk of the coronavirus spreading in the country, Suga replied that the Olympics will not take place if public health is at stake.

"Protecting people's lives is my duty, my responsibility," Asia Nikkei quotes the Prime Minister of the Land of the Rising Sun. "If I cannot protect, then the Games will not be held. It goes without saying. This is the initial condition."

According to Sug, the organizers have halved the number of people who will participate in the Games and there may be more reductions. It is estimated that 80% of the participants in the Games will be vaccinated. Anyone arriving in Japan from other countries, including media representatives, will be thoroughly tested.

It is recalled that the Council of Medical Workers and Specialists in Epidemiology under the Japanese government, which is supposed to tackle epidemiological diseases, will give its opinion on the risks of holding the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo by June 20.