OREANDA-NEWS  Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev told Chinese Internet users how to keep fit and what diet should be followed.

"It seems to me that almost any person should do sports if he wants to be successful and in demand. I went in for sports at the University and during my school years. It was rowing, and for a time was engaged in track and field. But at the moment I just try to do something like that every day in order not to lose shape," Russian Prime Minister said at an online conference in the Shanghai media group.

As Medvedev said, he swims, rides a bike, sometimes plays badminton, and in winter skiing.

"Hobbies enough. Another thing is that you always need to find the time. For obvious reasons, it is not always easy to detect. But nevertheless, even on trips I try to warm up in the morning to be in shape," he said.

Speaking about the diet, Medvedev noted that this is a purely individual issue. "Of course, I do not adhere to any strict diets. But at the same time I try to eat quite healthy food. In my opinion, Chinese food is useful because it has a deep history and special cooking secrets. And of course you do not need to eat too much at night, it's just not useful," he said.

The Prime Minister also said that he chooses what to wear, but listens to the advice of wife.

"I, of course, discuss these issues [choice of clothes] sometimes with my wife, but mostly, of course, all the decisions about what tie to wear and what jacket, I take myself," - said the head of the Cabinet.

The presenter told the Prime Minister that in China wives often determine what their husbands will wear, and asked how Medvedev chooses certain things in his wardrobe. "It is necessary to answer so that and the wife not to offend, and at the same time to tell more precisely, - he noticed in reply.  Not easy."

The Prime Minister was also asked about his dream, in particular, mentioned that he "since childhood dreamed of becoming a lawyer." "There is no person who would like to become a lawyer since childhood," Medvedev said, noting that children do not understand what kind of profession it is. According to him, he wanted to become a lawyer at the age of 16. "I love and appreciate my legal profession," - said the head of the Cabinet.