OREANDA-NEWS. The manager of the Russian MMA fighter Alexander Emelianenko Azamat Bostanov told about the offer to his ward to advertise alcoholic beverages and his categorical refusal. «The athlete will not advertise what led him into the pit», Bostanov explained on Alexander Lyutikov's YouTube channel.

«Some person called, but I think it was an attempt to trick us. I have been working on this topic for more than one day, I know how representatives of large brands communicate and behave. They don't communicate like that. If there is an offer to us, then both Alexander and I will refuse to do it», Bostanov said. The manager added that «Alexander has embarked on the right path and will not advertise alcohol».

As previously reported, Russian actor Nikita Dzhigurda said that his fight with Alexander Emelianenko is possible, but he needs six months of preparation to gain weight. The showman also noted that he has enough fighting spirit to engage in martial arts at the age of 60.