OREANDA-NEWS. Former UFC light heavyweight champion and one of the best MMA fighters in history, Jonathan Dwight Jones, could not agree with the UFC management on the amount of the fee for the heavyweight title fight with Francis Ngannou and asked the organization's management to fire him.

«Please fire me at last. You'd like me to hang around and treat me like shit. I swear, the UFC industry has brought me nothing but depression. I feel like my wings have been clipped. Just let me go to hell. This is some weird shit. Obviously, the boss hates me. So let me do my thing somewhere else», Jones wrote on his Twitter page, but later deleted these messages.

After Ngannou's victory over Stipe Miocic in their second fight, Jones asked to «show him the money», but apparently did not wait for an offer from the UFC, that would interest him. The fighter has not performed since February 2020, after which he left his light heavyweight belt vacant and promised to make his debut in the heavyweight division, but has not yet come to an agreement with the company on financial issues.