OREANDA-NEWS. Over 70% of those polled around the world - the United States, China, France, Thailand and South Korea - believe that the Olympic Games in Tokyo this summer should either be canceled or postponed. These are the results of a public opinion poll released by the Japan Press Research Institute. Residents of Britain this time did not take the survey due to the coronavirus pandemic.

On March 20, it became known about the decision to hold the Olympic Games in Tokyo without foreign fans. Difficulties in predicting the situation around the spread of new strains of coronavirus were named as the reason.

The institute's report provides the following data on the results of the survey: "In conditions when the coronavirus pandemic has not yet ended, the sum of responses for the cancellation of the Summer Games in Tokyo and for their postponement was 95.6% in Thailand, and 94 in South Korea. , 7%, in China - 82.1%, in America 74.4%, in France 70.6%. In a similar survey in Japan, 71.9% of respondents spoke in favor of cancellation or postponement. "

For holding the Olympics this summer, 24.5% of respondents in the United States, 25.8% in France, 17.9% in China, 3% in South Korea and 4.4% in Thailand spoke out. In Japan, 26.1% of respondents supported the Olympic Games.