OREANDA-NEWS. Norwegian skier Johannes Klebo shared his emotions after being disqualified at the World Championships in Oberstdorf, Germany.

On Wednesday it became known that the Norwegian Ski Association withdrew the appeal against Klebo's disqualification at the request of the athlete.

Klebo in an interview with NRK said: "My attitude towards Bolshunov will not change in any way. We will have to compete in cross-country skiing for many years. Alexander is a strong rival, I hope that I can beat him next time. I wish we were no longer with him. found themselves in situations like the last marathon. "

The Norwegian skier added that after the race he was very angry, disappointed and depressed. According to him, he simply could not think rationally at that moment, but he was helped by his coach, who said the right things. Then Klebo managed to calm down and go to a team dinner, where they celebrated the end of a great tournament for the Norwegian national team.

In Sunday's 50 km race, Klebo finished first, Norwegian Emil Iversen came second, and Russian Alexander Bolshunov, who was leading to the finish line, came third. Just before the finish of the race, an athlete from Russia broke a stick in a collision with Klebo, and was forced to let him and Iversen go ahead. Later, the judges decided to disqualify Johannes and awarded the victory to Iversen, and Bolshunov received a silver medal.