OREANDA-NEWS. Two-time silver medalist at the 2004 Olympic Games Australian canoeist Nathan Baggaley and his younger brother have been found guilty of conspiracy to smuggle cocaine into Australia. It was reported by the Associated Press.

According to the source, Baggaley, along with his brother, smuggled the drug into Australia. In total, the accomplices earned about $ 151 million from this illegal act. A jury of the Brisbane Supreme Court found both men guilty of a crime. It is reported that Baggaley's verdict will be handed down later.

Baggaley was caught with cocaine last May. The athlete agreed with an international drug cartel in South America to supply the drug to Australia. For transportation, he bought an inflatable boat and named it "Medellin" in honor of the Colombian city where Pablo Escobar operated.

In 2009, Baggaley received five years in prison for the manufacture and sale of drugs. Later, the former athlete and his brother went to prison again for drug production.

Baggaley is a two-time medalist at the 2004 Athens Olympics, as well as a three-time world champion. In 2005, the Australian was convicted of using illegal anabolic steroids, after which the international federation disqualified Baggaley for two years.