OREANDA-NEWS. Juventus striker and the Portuguese national team Cristiano Ronaldo again want to sue for money. Former model Catherine Mayorga, who claims that the Portuguese raped her, will try to get 56.5 million pounds from him.

Katherine Mayorga explains the amount that she wants to sue as follows: the player owes her 18 million dollars for "pain and suffering in the past", another 18 million for "pain and suffering in the future" and she estimated the penalties at 18 million more. Also at 2.5 million pounds, the American ex-model estimated legal costs and expenses on lawyers.

It is recalled that Catherine Mayorga claims that the footballer raped her in 2009 in a Las Vegas hotel. She filed a lawsuit. According to the results of the investigation, Ronaldo's guilt has not been proven. Ronaldo argued to his lawyers that the case came to consensual sex.

Nine years ago, Ronaldo's lawyers managed to get the investigation to end - a special agreement was concluded with Mayorgi. The girl pledged to be silent in exchange for compensation in the amount of 375 thousand US dollars.

However, already in 2018, Mayorga was clearly impressed by the scale and strength of the MeeToo movement (directed against harassment and sexual violence - Glavred) and decided to break the agreement. In September, Las Vegas police reopened the case. So after a seemingly reconciliation of the parties in October 2020, Mayorga demanded compensation of $ 215,000. As it turned out, since then, the American model has increased the money needs that it wants to satisfy at the expense of Ronaldo.