OREANDA-NEWS. The match between the Italian football club «Juventus» and the Portuguese «Porto» ended with the score 1:2. In the final seconds of the game forward Cristiano Ronaldo tried to save the team from defeat. Cristiano flew into the penalty area and seemed to handle the ball after a great throw by De Ligt, but suddenly fell. The episode featured the home team's defender Zaidu Sanusi.

Referee Carlos del Cerro Grande did not react to Cristiano's fall, although Ronaldo immediately waved his hands, demanding a penalty. On the replay, it seems, that the referee assessed everything correctly: after De Ligt's pass, the Portuguese picked up his legs and at one point lost his balance. Sanusi touched his opponent after his falling.

Since the moment occurred right next to the end of the added time, there was a hitch. The referee seemed to whistle to discuss the moment with the VAR (and even put his finger to his ear), but after a couple of moments he whistled again — signaling, that the match was over.

Cristiano was even more angry: he pointed a finger at the referee and was indignant for a long time. In this match, Ronaldo struck only one shot — hit the hands of the goalkeeper. The match interrupted a beautiful streak of the Portuguese: in the last two seasons in the playoffs of the Champions League it's only Ronaldo scored for «Juventus».