OREANDA-NEWS. Russian figure skater Elizaveta Tuktamysheva said that she was pleased with the organization of the World Cup in Stockholm, despite the restrictions due to the coronavirus. The World Championship will be held in Stockholm on March 24-27.

Tuktamysheva said in a video interview published on the website of the Russian Figure Skating Federation: “In fact, everything turned out to be better, than we thought, you practically do not feel any restrictions. The only thing is that you wear masks all the time. There are special boxes on the ice so that we can put things there so that there is no contact with a coach. "

The Russian figure skater said that the athletes were in quarantine for one day, but they were released quickly enough. The athletes have play areas, that is, they made their stay at the hotel as comfortable as possible for the skaters, so that they are not bored and have something to do. Tuktamysheva clarified that her favorite place here is the dining room, not because they love to eat, but because the windows of the dining room overlook the main arena. The Russian woman said that it was very cool and that she was happy with the organization at the World Championships.

Earlier on Monday, the International Skating Union (ISU) reported one case of coronavirus infection among tournament participants. The name of the patient was not indicated. As it became known to RIA Novosti, this case is not related to the Russian team.