OREANDA-NEWS. Russian hockey players managed to achieve victory in the final match of the group stage of the youth world championship against the Swedes. True, the Russian national team was able to break the opponent's resistance only in overtime. The meeting ended with a 4: 3 score in favor of the Russian team.

The first period was won by the Russians. At the 8th minute, Yegor Afanasyev took Igor Larionov's team forward. The Swedes got back the goal in the 15th minute with the efforts of Arvid Kostmar. However, at the end of the first segment of the game, Rodion Amirov, after a brilliant play of an extra second, upset Jesper Wallstedt.

But the second period was unsuccessful for the Russian team. The Russians found themselves on the penalty box four times. And although Alexander Holz scored the puck in equal compositions, it was the result of the undisciplined play of the Russian national team. The rivals left for a break after the second period with the score 2: 2.

The Swedish hockey players started the third period in the majority. But they again failed to take advantage of the numerical advantage. Russian hockey players, when they had the opportunity to play in a five-on-four format, scored again. Kirill Kirsanov's excellent shot into the far upper corner reached the goal. Elmer Soderblom scored in the 59th minute, when the Swedes had already removed the goalkeeper. And in overtime, the victory went to the Russians. Marat Khusnutdinov scored the majority in the 65th minute.

The fate of the first place in the group will be decided in the match between the national teams of Sweden and the USA, which will take place on January 1, 2021. On the same day, the Canadians will play the Finns. The Russians will no longer fall below the second place in Group B. They will be the first if the Americans beat the Swedes outside the regular time of the match.