OREANDA-NEWS. In Oberstdorf, Germany, the men's relay has ended at the World Ski Championships. Russian skiers finished second, winning the silver medal of the tournament. The Norwegian national team took first place. The French came in third.

The first stage was the triumph of Alexey Chervotkin. From the start, he was in the lead in the race, gradually breaking away from the main group with every kilometer. As a result, the Russian was able to bring the opponents 45 seconds.

Unfortunately, Ivan Yakimushkin did not support the initiative of his teammate. The Russian skier quickly squandered the advantage and passed the baton to Artem Maltsev sixth, 23 seconds behind the leaders. As Ivan Yakimushkin himself explained after the race, his skis glided very badly, so his rivals could easily get around him.

The Russian national team went to the final stage fifth. Johanens Klebo was 35 seconds ahead of Alexander Bolshunov. The Russian managed to catch up with the Norwegian, and most of the section the Norwegian and Russian athletes rode level. But at the finish line, Bolshunov did not have enough strength. Nevertheless, he brought Russia the silver of the World Championship.

Recall that on the eve of the women's team of Russia became the second in the relay, losing only to the Norwegian skiers.