OREANDA-NEWS. To feel better in the autumn, to keep cheerful and healthy, and to adopt naturally to the shortening of daylight, Russians should change their sleep schedule in this season, – therapist Irina Yartseva said in the interview to radio channel Sputnik.

It is perfect to sleep 8 hours a day for an average person, and it’s very important to sleep at night when it is dark. But in the autumn it is getting dark earlier so it is necessary to go to bed earlier as well, Irina reckons.

The best time to do it now – to go to sleep at about 9 or 10 in the evening, and it’s crucially important in the late autumn, from October to December, when it gets dark in early hours. She points out that it is just a matter of habit. Besides it makes getting up at 6-7 in the morning much easier.

Sleeping in line with such a mode, every person will have enough sleep. Respectively, he or she will have good nervous system, excellent working capacity, and high resistance to illnesses.

The doctor emphasized that it’s not enough to sleep these 8 hours but to go to bed earlier and to sleep at night. Because people are daytime beings, and their hormonal system depend on daylight and surrounding noise. And if a person doesn’t sleep when it’s dark it is a great stress for him, the doctor said.