OREANDA-NEWS. The International Biathlon Union made a decision regarding the Russian biathlete Anton Babikov, who received a positive test for coronavirus the day before. He, along with biathlete Yevgeny Garanichev and several team members, were quarantined, which will last for each of them in different ways.

In its decision, the International Biathlon Union refers to the Finnish health authorities. The representative office of the organization in Russia has been informed that three team members with positive tests will spend seven days in quarantine from the date of the test results. Anton Babikov, like others, will also be isolated for seven days.

But for the rest of the contacted members of the Russian national team, the quarantine will last a little longer, including biathlete Yevgeny Garanichev, who will go into isolation because he is Babikov's hotel room neighbor. He, along with the rest of those in contact with the athlete, will spend ten days in quarantine since the last contact.

At the end of the allotted period, each of the members who have served quarantine, the Russian national team, will take a second test for coronavirus.

However, according to the press service of the Russian Biathlon Union, despite cases of coronavirus infection, the Russian biathlon team will be able to compete at the first stage of the World Cup, which will be held in Finland.