OREANDA-NEWS  “Let's not pretend to be stupid. Three years ago, Russia achieved incredible success at the World Championships. But before and after the World Cup, the team was weak. So now your team has just returned to where it was. From the point of view of physics and organization of the game, this is a good team, but the players do not have the opportunity to challenge at the highest level. It is very easy to dismiss Cherchesov, but one must remember what players he has at his disposal. The Russian national team is degrading.

Anton Shunin can easily be cited as an example. Five years ago, when Shunin was at the peak of his career in “Dynamo”, he was the fifth or sixth goalkeeper in Russia, and now he started Euro as the first number. Anton deserves huge congratulations, given the eye injury he received in the match against Zenit several years ago, but this shows where the level of Russian goalkeepers is now", - Bradley said in an interview with Championship correspondent Andrei Pankov.