OREANDA-NEWS. The captain of the Russian national team commented on the defeat of the national team in the game with Denmark in the final round of the group stage of the European Championship. The Russian team lost with a score of 1: 4.

After a major defeat in Copenhagen, 32-year-old captain of the Russian national team Artem Dzyuba was the only one from the team who came out to journalists and answered for everyone. In his monologue, he claims that the athletes tried, fought to the last, held on with all their might. However, the Russia-Denmark match turned out to be devastating for our players - the players conceded four goals. The only goal was scored by Dzyuba from the penalty spot.

Dziuba said: “First of all, I would like to apologize to the country for such a defeat. When you don't score your one hundred percent chances ... We all win together, we all lose together. They told us everything, chewed everything up and explained. But when you bring goals for yourself throughout the tournament, I'm not saying that someone is conventionally - we, the players. We are very guilty. And for those who dreamed about it - enjoy. You can swear at us ... Probably, you will be right ... We cannot have a goalkeeper as the best playmaker. We have all the passes to the goalkeeper throughout the game. We conceded a goal first, and at such tournaments it is significant ”.

In addition, Artem noted that in sports there is a problem of the difference in the way of thinking of different peoples and cultures. According to him, in comparison with Europeans, Russians are distinguished by excessive anxiety.

“Our psychology is very weak, we do not know how to play under pressure. Such an atmosphere is wonderful, everything seems to be working out, we immediately begin to shake, we begin to shy away, to panic. Well, we missed it - it's football. Europeans have a mentality - they get high. They play, they fight. We stumble, we fall, we bring ourselves. This is probably the difference, ”the athlete reflected.

Now Russian footballers are returning home from Euro-2020.