OREANDA-NEWS. On Wednesday, Spanish justice ordered the imprisonment of Bayern Munich's French defender Luca Hernandez for breaking an injunction. The footballer was sentenced to six months in prison because of his honeymoon with his wife, with whom Hernandez had a "fight" on the side of the road four years ago.

The most expensive footballer in Bayern history, French defender Luca Hernandez is in a quandary as the Spanish judiciary wants to jail him for breaking an injunction. The footballer was forbidden to approach his wife Amelia, with whom he got into a scandal in Madrid four years ago.

Since then, Luca and Amelia have managed to get married, but the footballer will have to appear in court on October 19 in Madrid to discuss the imminent punishment of six months in prison. Spanish justice has kindly offered Hernandez the right to choose any correctional institution.

In February 2017, Hernandez and Amelia (at that time a girl) staged a mutual attack on each other on a Madrid street.

Both Luca and Amelia de la Ossa Llorente were charged and convicted of wrongdoing: Hernandez was charged with domestic violence as he lived with Amelia for a while.

The court passed the same sentence to the couple: community service for 31 days. Luca and Amelia were banned from getting closer than 500 meters to each other for six months.

Luca and Amelia decided to completely ignore the court order: the couple went to Las Vegas, where they got married, and then to the Bahamas, where they had their honeymoon. They returned to Spain in June 2017 and both were detained at the airport. Amelia was lucky that court officials never served her with a copy of the injunction and therefore were unable to indict her. Luke was unlucky: he was again accused of disorderly conduct.

Luca decided to challenge this charge: the case came to the last hearing in December 2019.

Hernandez was sentenced to six months in prison for disregarding a court order. His request for a fine was rejected, the sentence is final and not subject to appeal. A footballer has ten days to go to jail of his own free will. If he doesn't, he will be immediately tracked down on an arrest warrant.