OREANDA-NEWS. The chairman of the organizing committee of the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo and former Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori on Friday, February 12, announced his resignation amid a scandal over his own sexist statements. «My unacceptable statement caused chaos», the 83-year-old admitted.

The organizing committee of the Tokyo Games after Mori's resignation may be headed by the Minister for Gender Equality, Women's Empowerment Seiko Hashimoto, «Kyodo News agency» reports. Prior to her political career, she participated in 4 Winter Olympics in speed skating and 3 Summer Olympics in cycling. In the current cabinet, 56-year-old Hashimoto is responsible for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in the Japanese capital.

According to Japanese media, another candidate was the mayor of the Olympic Village Saburo Kawabuchi. However, the 84-year-old former soccer player and current adviser to the Japan Soccer Federation refused to replace Mori, writes the «Asahi» newspaper.

The scandal broke out after Mori's statement against the increase in the number of women in sports committees and federations. In his opinion, this leads to a delay in meetings due to their frequent and lengthy speeches. Women «have difficulty expressing their opinions clearly», he said.

Mori was denounced by a number of politicians and companies, that sponsor the Olympic Games, including the Toyota automobile concern. Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said, that «such comments should not be allowed», and the International Olympic Committee called Mori's words «absolutely unacceptable». About 500 volunteers and participants of the Olympic torch relay refused to work in protest against Mori. The opposition demanded, that the government immediately dismiss him. After that, the Japanese functionary apologized for the statement.