OREANDA-NEWS. The head of the Russian Rugby Federation (FRR) Igor Artemyev, at a meeting of the organization's supreme council in Moscow, announced his intention to conduct a mass vaccination of rugby players in Russian domestic leagues.

Igor Artemiev said that he is in favor of mass vaccination of rugby players. He added that they need to carry out antibody tests and draw appropriate conclusions. At the same time, of course, the leadership understands that individual rights and related religious beliefs, simply the moral convictions of people cannot force them to make vaccination against coronavirus mandatory. The head of the rugby federation said: "If a person does not want to be vaccinated, he may not do it. Individual rights are higher than our rights, but the federation will do everything possible to ensure that vaccinations are made in all clubs in our leagues."

Igor Artemiev also said that their medical service is working very well. He believes it is very important that clubs make their own decisions about how they will behave towards those players who refuse to be vaccinated. He thinks that "there should be no sanctions, but everyone should understand that a person who has not been ill and has not been vaccinated can become a potential threat to his partners and rivals. Then heightened security measures will be needed." After that, the head of the rugby federation called on everyone to be vaccinated, because the achievements of modern science and medicine, as well as the practice of using the Russian vaccine, show that it is safe, it must be used.