OREANDA-NEWS. In St. Petersburg, after Sunday's match with FC «Zenit», security forces forcibly put «Lokomotiv» fans on buses and took them away from «Gazprom Arena». Some of the fans arrived in cars and left them at the stadium. As noted in the release of the FC «Lokomotiv», several buses broke down along the way, but fans continued to be held in them. Some of the fans were on buses with children.

The convoy formed a narrow corridor at the exit of the stadium, through which the fans were let out into the street, where buses were waiting for them. Visitors to the match were promised to be taken to the nearest metro station — «Begovaya» and «Krestovsky Island». As a result, all were taken to the station «Vyborgskaya» in the city center. As a result, numerous facts of being late for flights to the airport, facts of being late for the departure of trains, said the website of «Lokomotiv».

Also, the fans in the attributes of the guest team were massively transferred to the sectors of «Lokomotiv». Thus, the part of the stands allocated for guests was crowded. The security service of FC «Zenit» did not provide a sufficient number of reserve seats, said the website of «Lokomotiv».

The press service of «Lokomotiv» noted, that in the middle of the second half, the fans were not allowed to enter the subtribe room – the exits were blocked by riot police, which is confirmed by the available video footage.

In total, the «Lokomotiv» fans were provided with 1,817 tickets, and it is not specified, how many people were forcibly taken away from the stadium. «Zenit» won Sunday's match with a score of 6:1.