OREANDA-NEWS. The duel of the Russian mixed style (MMA) fighter Vyacheslav Datsik and the Top Dog FC fist promotion fighter Haji Navruzov according to the boxing rules was interrupted by Datsik's pregnant wife Victoria. The video is available on the athlete's Instagram.

40-year-old Datsik fought with Gadzhi Navruzov, nicknamed the Submachine gun from the Top Dog FC fist fighting league in the heavyweight division. At the end of the first round, the fight was stopped. When Datsik could not stay on his feet and fell on the ropes, his pregnant wife appeared in the ring and stopped the fight with tears in her eyes. After the incident, the fighter promised to end the fight.

After that, the wrestler asked his opponent for revenge: “Haji! Friend! Let's finish our fight ?! Purely sports interest. This time I will be without a wife. "

In November last year, Datsik was released from the colony after illegally crossing the border with Estonia. On account of the athlete, nicknamed Red Tarzan, 14 fights in MMA, in which he won six victories and suffered eight defeats.

A month ago, the Russian mixed style (MMA) fighter Vyacheslav Datsik, in an interview with the True Gym MMA YouTube channel, demanded that Alexander Emelianenko "answer for his words."

He wanted a duel with a compatriot. “Come out to battle! Clown. Enough to be extinguished. Moreover, if you shout that I am a bag. Well go and whip this bag, chop it. The main thing is that this bag does not fall on you and does not crush you, ”Datsik said, adding that Alexander disgraces the name of Emelianenko.