OREANDA-NEWS.  In Moscow today met those who have already visited the moon!  On the experimental complex "Sirius" completed a unique experiment.  The six astronauts spent four months in complete isolation from the outside world - in conditions as close as possible to the lunar ones.  And all in order in 11 years to go on a real expedition.

 "The current experiment will allow preparing future missions to the moon," Sergei Savelyev, deputy director general of Roscosmos for international cooperation, said at the ceremony of the completion of the experiment.

 The group of researchers has been in the ground complex simulating a spacecraft since March 19.  Commander Evgeny Tarelkin, flight engineer Daria Zhidova, researchers Allen Mirkadyrov (USA), Anastasia Stepanova, Reinhold Povilaitis (USA) and doctor Stephania Fedyai participated in the experiment.