OREANDA-NEWS. Boris Paikin, chairman of the State Duma Committee on Physical Culture, Sports, Tourism and Youth Affairs, told RIA Novosti that he supports the proposal of the Russian Olympic Committee commission to choose the song "Katyusha" as musical accompaniment for athletes at the Olympic Games.

In December, the Court of Arbitration for Sport banned Russian athletes from competing under the national flag at major international competitions - the Olympic and Paralympic Games, world championships - for two years. The anthem of Russia should not sound at this time either. Therefore, the ROC athletes' commission suggested using the song "Katyusha" instead of the anthem.

Paikin called "Katyusha" a truly folk song, a song of hope. In his opinion, she is known in all corners of the world, she has been associated with Russia for almost a hundred years. He is sure that there are not so many songs that the younger generation is ready to sing along with the elders, the words of which everyone knows. He said: "She ceased to belong to the authors - Mikhail Isakovsky and Matvey Blanter, Katyusha has long belonged to the people."

He noted that Blanter is the author of the famous "Football March", and "Katyusha" has long become the unofficial anthem of Russia.

The deputy explained: “It is no coincidence that during the war years the newest anti-aircraft weapon that terrified the enemy was called“ Katyusha. ”It is no coincidence that when they meet Russians all over the world, the owners greet them with the legendary“ Katyusha. ”For us this is a song of victory, loyalty to our duty, part of our national culture, a song that unites generations and continents. I am sure that at the Olympic Games Katyusha will sound more than once in honor of our glorious athletes."