OREANDA-NEWS  Power world championship in workout will be held in the Pskov region in 2019. An agreement on this was reached between the administration of the region and the President of the Russian Federation of Workout Maxim Popov, the press service of the regional administration said on Thursday.

"This year in Pskov will be held power world championship in workout. Such an agreement was reached with the President of the Russian Federation of Workout Maxim Popov. Last summer, on the embankment of the Velikaya river, where in cooperation with the Federation and with the support of the group of companies "Lug" was established the first professional workout platform in the region, the world Cup in workout was held. This year it will not be a stage, but the world workout championship, the decision has already been made, now the nuances are being worked out," the report said.

On March 5, at the conference of the Association of municipalities of the region, the Governor of Pskov region Mikhail Vedernikov said that the regional administration and the Federation of the Russian workout concluded an agreement under which 100 workout sites will be installed in the region in 2019. He also added that if these sites will be in demand among the population, such work will be continued next year.

In 2018, the Pskov region became the first region of the North-West, where the competition Workout games. The event is implemented by the Russian Federation of workout and is a new type of competition, consisting of two stages: freestyle battles and obstacle course. In addition to the site where the Russian world Cup workout was held in July, the first mobile workout site in the North-West of Russia was opened in October in the region. This became possible thanks to the agreement between the leadership of the region and Popov.