OREANDA-NEWS. British boxer Dillian White believes that Russian Alexander Povetkin was not sick with coronavirus. He doubts that he was sick, because the Russian boxer was discharged from the hospital just a week after his diagnosis.

The situation developed so that on November 3, Povetkin went to the hospital with symptoms of coronavirus. Because of this, the rematch with White had to be postponed to a later date. A week later, Povetkin was discharged.

In the first fight, Povetkin knocked out White, who refused to admit he was defeated, and wanted to use the clause on the rematch provided for in the contract.

As the publication Sky Sports writes, citing White, he does not think that Povetkin was ill with covid. White is confident that he simply did not have enough time to prepare, because he was injured in the first fight. The fact is that after the first fight Povetkin took a long pause. White humbly notes that, despite the result of the fight, he immediately returned to training.

Such words could not pass without comments from the Russian side. These suspicions were answered by the head of the promotion company representing the interests of Povetkin, Andrei Ryabinsky. "Sasha contracted the coronavirus, and we were forced to postpone the fight. This can happen to every athlete. Povetkin was in the hospital, and we have all the documents confirming this. If White's promoter Eddie Hearn has doubts about this, then we are ready to provide them to him."