OREANDA-NEWS. September 19, 2016. Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada - Ontario Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation - Chapleau Cree First Nation

The governments of Canada and Ontario and the Chapleau Cree First Nation marked a key step towards renewed relationships today, by celebrating the settlement of one of the first Treaty Land Entitlement Claims in Ontario. The negotiated settlement agreement addresses an outstanding specific land claim that dates back over 100 years.

The settlement, which is the result of an unfulfilled Treaty 9 entitlement, includes approximately \\$21.5 million in financial compensation from Canada and about 4,000 square hectares of provincial Crown land from Ontario. Ontario is also contributing more than \\$350,000 in financial compensation.

Under the settlement, the Chapleau Cree First Nation can apply to the Government of Canada to have the lands added to its reserve in northern Ontario. The land and financial compensation will be used to meet current and future social and economic needs of the community.

Settling claims is one of many steps on the journey of healing and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples and helps create a better future for everyone.


"Settling this claim is another step along the path of reconciliation. Achieved in a spirit of collaboration and renewal, this negotiated agreement honours a treaty obligation and opens the door to new opportunities for the Chapleau Cree to invest in a more prosperous future for the benefit of its members and all Canadians."

The Honourable Carolyn Bennett, M.D., P.C., M.P,
Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs

"I congratulate the parties on reaching a successful settlement of the Chapleau Cree claim. This will significantly increase the land base of Chapleau Cree First Nation and help meet the current and future needs of the community, creating new opportunities for its residents."

David Zimmer,
Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation

"After 8 long years of negotiation, Chapleau Cree has settled this historic 110-year land claim with the Federal and Provincial governments. Although we consider it a success, it could never compensate what was lost. The circle and its values of Truth, Honour and Endurance is what our people are made of."

Chief Keith Corston,
Chapleau Cree First Nation

Quick facts

  • The Chapleau Cree First Nation is a signatory to Treaty 9 and has a current land base of 10.36 square kilometres. It is located near the town of Chapleau in northern Ontario.
  • The Chapleau Cree First Nation’s specific claim was negotiated on the basis that the First Nation did not receive the quantity of land it was entitled to under Treaty 9.
  • During the negotiations, extensive consultations on the provincial Crown land component of the settlement were undertaken with other Indigenous groups and local stakeholders.