OREANDA-NEWS The Hungarian Government is not closing down any university, including the Soros university. The Hungarian Government would merely like to achieve that all universities should operate on the basis of the same legal rules, the communication of the State Secretariat for Education of the Ministry of Human Capacities sent to the Hungarian news agency MTI on Monday highlights.

They mention as an objective that „should anyone wish to obtain a privilege" – such as the issuance of non-European degrees – there should be an international agreement ratified by the Hungarian Parliament thereon.

The amendment of the Hungarian higher education legislation does not mean the closure of the CEU, the CEU may continue its operations as before if Hungary and the United States of America agree on this. Hungary has good intentions, and the Hungarian Government made it clear that they are ready to engage in talks, the communication stresses.

As the Ministry officials wrote, State Secretary for Education László Palkovics travelled to Brussels during the course of the day in order to provide first-hand information for the European Commission regarding the content of the amendment of the Hungarian higher education legislation "because it is regrettable that several politicians in Brussels made statements on the case without first informing themselves about the actual situation, and relied entirely on the information of anti-government organisations funded from abroad".

There is a misleading, deceitful Soros campaign with respect to the case of the Soros university. The first lie of this campaign is that if the amendment of the higher education law is promulgated, the Soros university will be closed down. This is not true; the university will continue to operate, may launch programmes and may issue degrees on the basis of the Hungarian legal rules, State Secretary for Education László Palkovics informed Tibor Navracsics, European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport about this in Brussels, and he will likewise meet with Frans Timmermans, First Vice-President of the European Commission to discuss the same matter, the communication reads.

We sincerely hope that Brussels will not assist with the deceitful campaign of the Soros organisations, and will be able to form an objective and impartial opinion that is free from political interests, the State Secretariat points out.

According to the communication, the organisations funded by György Soros are intentionally engaging in a disinformation campaign with respect to the case of the university; "they are using the amendment of the Hungarian higher education legislation for the purposes of a comprehensive campaign against Hungary, the real motivation and ultimate purpose of which is to exert pressure on the Hungarian Government’s immigration policy. At the Sunday demonstration organised on the pretence of the changes affecting the university, the speakers criticised the Government’s immigration policy”, the communication reads.