Libya's NOC seeks to load from Ras Lanuf

OREANDA-NEWS. September 02, 2016. Libyan state-run NOC is seeking to fix an Aframax tanker to load crude for delivery to its Zawia refinery from the Ras Lanuf terminal, which has been under force majeure since December 2014.

Shipping lists indicate NOC seeking a tanker to load 80,000t from the 200,000 b/d Ras Lanuf port to move to its refinery in Zawia, without specifying loading dates. This was not confirmed and the fixture may not succeed.

Last month crude from storage at the 150,000 b/d Zueitina export terminal loaded aboard the Aframax New Hellas and delivered to Zawia, for the first time since Zueitina was shut down in November last year. NOC said last month that it expected to charter more ships "to speed up the process of emergency discharge" from Zueitina. Tracking data shows the Aframax Bouboulina is also waiting at Zueitina and yet to load.

But NOC has also expressed concerns about "imminent conflict" at the export complex between Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG) and the Libyan National Army. Libya's UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) reached an agreement in July with the PFG, which has been blockading the country's ports, to allow them to reopen.

Shipments to Zawia from Zueitina and, if successful, from Ras Lanuf, will supplement deliveries from Mellitah and Marsa el-Hariga. Exports from the latter port have fallen since production at Messla-Sarir oil fields declined — from around 230,000 b/d in April to 70,000 b/d on 19 July–14 August, and now standing at 150,000 b/d.

Libyan production before conflict broke out in the country was around 1.4mn b/d, but it is now estimated at just above 300,000 b/d.