OREANDA-NEWS. September 05, 2016. Transport Canada issued an Emergency Direction under the International Bridges and Tunnels Act to the Canadian Transit Company (CTC), the owner of the Ambassador Bridge.

The Direction concerns safety deficiencies found in a section of the bridge’s railings and curbs on the Canadian side. The deficiencies were observed during a Transport Canada safety inspection in August 2016, which prompted the department to issue the Direction in the interest of public safety.

The deficiencies pose a risk to the public and the department has advised the CTC to install temporary concrete barriers between the traffic on the bridge and the outside curb as a safety precaution.

Transport Canada has previously communicated to the CTC its concerns about the railings and curbs.

Transport? Canada has informed its border partners in the United States and Canada who are working together to mitigate traffic issues. The Canada Border Services Agency will continue to efficiently manage resources to reduce wait times as much as possible. Travelers and commercial vehicles are encouraged to plan ahead.

The Direction takes effect immediately.


“The safety of the Ambassador Bridge is of critical importance, and I support the measures taken by my department to protect public safety. I ask the Canadian Transit Company, as the bridge’s owner, to do everything it can to speed up repair work in order to reduce crossing delays. Should action not be taken in a timely manner, I will not hesitate to take additional safety measures.’
The Honourable Marc Garneau
Minister of Transport