OREANDA-NEWS. In Belarus, a blogger and author of the YouTube channel «Slutsk for Life» Vladimir Neronsky was sentenced to three years in a general regime colony. The Logoysky district court on Tuesday, February 2, granted the request of the state prosecutor and found him guilty under Article 369 and Part 1 of Article 342 of the Criminal Code (insulting a representative of the authorities and organizing group actions that grossly violate public order), Belarusian media reported.

According to the prosecution, Neronsky in his videos called for actions, that grossly violate public order in Slutsk, Mozyr, Brest, Bobruisk, Mogilev, and also publicly insulted the chairman of the Slutsk district executive Committee, Andrei Yanchevsky. The case, in particular, states that Neronsky's statements, such as «such a mayor is not needed», «hypocrite», caused Yanchevsky moral suffering and undermined the authority of the head of the local government.

Neronsky pleaded only partially guilty. He said that in some of the videos he really spoke very emotionally. He was detained on May 5, 2020 in Mogilev, along with blogger Sergei Tikhanovsky and other members of the «Country for Life» team. Since May 8, he has continuously served 40 days of administrative detention.

Neronsky is recognized as a political prisoner and a prisoner of conscience.