OREANDA-NEWS. A certificate of vaccination against coronavirus on the portal of public services can now be obtained in English. Oleg Kachanov, deputy head of the RF Ministry of Digital Affairs, told reporters about it.

Kachanov said: "We have launched the automatic generation of vaccination certificates in English on the portal of state services. The automatic transliteration procedure on the portal has been agreed with the Russian Ministry of Health and will be carried out in accordance with the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs translation rules applied when issuing a foreign passport of a Russian citizen."

He explained that the certificate of the vaccinated in the QR-code format will be formed with the indication of the data of the passport, if the user left this data in his personal account on the portal of public services.

The deputy head of the Ministry of Digital Science also explained that "it is necessary to take into account that the rules of international regulation and requirements for vaccination are still being formed so that Russians can use certificates from the portal of state services to travel abroad."

During the testing period of the new service, only Russian passport data was used in the certificate. Upon completion of testing, the certificates will be automatically renewed if the user specifies the passport data in the profile on the portal.