OREANDA-NEWS. A fifth of Russians over 18 years of age believe that the rules of the Russian language should change according to changes in the spoken language. That is, in fact, they do not object to equating the literary norm of the Russian language with colloquial speech.

The results of a survey by the Public Opinion Foundation show that this opinion is mainly held by young people, in the age group from 18 to 30 years old this point of view is held by 36% of respondents.

However, the overwhelming majority of Russians, namely 74% of citizens, believe that the rules in the Russian language should not change. This opinion is shared by 81% of the respondents aged 46-60 years. 5% of respondents found it difficult to answer this question.

According to the survey results, almost every second Russian, that is, 48% of the respondents, notices mistakes in the speech and writing of those around them. Citizens aged 46-60 speak about this, that is, 55% of respondents. 44% of survey participants rarely see mistakes, and 6% of respondents said that they had not encountered this at all.

The survey has shown that 88% of fellow citizens believe the correct spelling or pronunciation of a word or phrase - 17% of fellow citizens do it often, 71% of respondents rarely.