OREANDA-NEWS. Retired Colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Andrey Drozdov was found dead in Moscow. It is assumed that he committed suicide. This is reported by Russian media «MK».

The body of the former officer was found by his wife in an apartment in Bolshoy Afanasyevsky Lane. The version of suicide was put forward based on the nature of the injuries that were on his body. There is no information about motives for which the ex-colonel could have committed suicide. Drozdov was 61 years old. He retired in 2001. At that time, he held the post of head of the Department for Economic Crimes of the Moscow central office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Earlier it was reported that the Police chief of Kizlyar, who was ill with COVID-19, lost consciousness during an election meeting. He died in the hospital four days later.

According to the Telegram channel «Ostorozno, novosty!» (can be translated as «Caution, news!»), 42-year-old Lieutenant Colonel Vitaly Semenchenko came to the office of the head of the police in the Kizlyar district. The man suffered from the coronavirus, he did not feel very well, but the topic was important — the Duma elections. At some point, he lost consciousness, he was taken by ambulance to the intensive care unit of the Kizlyar Central City Hospital.

Doctors found COVID-19 and pulmonary embolism. They decided to evacuate the security officer to Makhachkala. He spent four days in the intensive care unit of the 2nd city hospital. Lieutenant Colonel Semenchenko has three children and a wife.