OREANDA-NEWS. A significant part of Russian cities suffer from polluted air. According to Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko, the air is polluted in 48 cities of the country. Speaking at the meeting on the implementation of the federal project «Clean Air» of the national project «Ecology», Abramchenko noted, that the government has already begun to plan the expansion of the project after 2024. As for these cities, they were identified through monitoring the situation.

Abramchenko explained, that the first place in this list is occupied by Chelyabinsk — there the level of pollution is the highest and most negatively affects the health of people. Nizhny Tagil is in second place, and Magnitogorsk is in third place. Next are Norilsk and Novokuznetsk.

At the same time, according to the deputy head of the government, over a billion dollars were invested in the project over the past year, and the volume of emissions of pollutants decreased by 71 thousand tons.

A climate activist from Sweden Greta Thunberg criticized politicians for making promises instead of real deeds. She wrote, that our house is on fire, and words and promises will not put out the flames, no matter how beautiful they may sound.