OREANDA-NEWS. The police showed footage from surveillance cameras capturing the moment of confrontation between two men, which ended with the hospitalization of one of its participants. The incident happened this afternoon in Lesnaya Street in Moscow, September, 25.

According to the report of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a conflict happened between the 24-year-old passer-by and the 31-year-old visitor of the capital.

The two men were quarreling first, but their quarrel quickly turned into a fight. An older attacker was beating the younger participant of the incident with particular cruelty both with arms and feet. As a result of the fight the younger participant of the scuffle received serious injuries, which were later qualified as grievous bodily harm. Representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs tell that the conflict between two men occured on some domestic basis. Other passers-by seemed to be afraid of an aggressive attacker, and preferred not to interfere and to run away hastily. 

The attacker fled from the scene of the crime, but the policemen were able to detain him rather quickly. Currently, he became a defendant in a criminal case and was detained.