OREANDA-NEWSA new case of coronavirus infection was confirmed by a citizen of Italy, who arrived in Russia on February 29. This was reported on Thursday to journalists at the operational headquarters for the prevention and control of new coronavirus infection.

"On March 5, a case of a new coronavirus infection of COVID-2019 from a citizen of the Italian Republic was confirmed imported from Italy", the headquarters said. It's also reported that the World Health Organization (WHO) recorded 2223 new cases of coronavirus infection in the world per day, 120 of which are in China. This is stated in the WHO newsletter published on Wednesday. Thus, outside of China, the infection was detected in 2103 people.

An outbreak caused by the new coronavirus disease was recorded at the end of December 2019 in the Chinese city of Wuhan. WHO has recognized it as an epidemic with multiple outbreaks and an emergency of international proportions. Outside of China, the most infected are in South Korea, Iran and Italy. In total, cases of infection were detected in more than 70 countries, including Russia. The bulk of cases occur in China.