OREANDA-NEWS. Sound engineer Dmitry Uryupin wrote a sarcastic post about the action with flashlights on February 14 in support of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. He was detained by the police for calling for an uncoordinated action. Uryupin was taken to the police department in the Northern Tushino district, later released without a protocol and committed to appear in the department on March 4, reports «OVD-Info».

Uryupin said, that he did not call to go to the rally with flashlights, but a week before it's official announcement, he wrote a sarcastic post suggesting, that the opposition «protest with a flashlight, flashing the messages in Morse Code under the pillow». When Navalny's supporters announced the rally on February 14, Uryupin wrote another message in social networks with the reasoning, that the idea with flashlights could have been taken from him.

The police also believe, that a man in a sweater, that looks like a sound engineer's jumper, was putting up leaflets calling for the action. Uryupin faces an article on the organization of an uncoordinated action without notification (Part 2 of Article 20.2 of the Administrative Code). He can receive up to 10 days of administrative arrest.

The campaign was held in Russian cities on February 14, the day of the Valentine's Day. Russians left their homes and took photos for social networks with flashlights. The flash mob, initiated by the head of the Navalny headquarters network, Leonid Volkov, was attended by well-known media personalities, such as actress Tatyana Lazareva, rapper Noise MC and TV host Ksenia Sobchak.