OREANDA-NEWS Low salaries did not play a decisive role in writing applications by doctors, said Yuri Izoteyev, head of the surgical department of the City Clinical Hospital No. 1 in Nizhny Tagil. According to him, the main reason lies in the fact that due to the lack of personnel, surgeons significantly increased the load.

“An increase in workload, which is not supported by human potential, leads to overstrain of the staff that works and provides round-the-clock surgical care,” Izoteyev told 360 TV channel. He noted that 10 night shifts fell on each doctor a month, and then they still remained to work during the day.

The head of surgery also noted that in addition to the staff, the hospital lacked diagnostic equipment that would work around the clock. In addition, the doctor should have “legal protection to the patient and his relatives”. Izoteev emphasized that despite written statements, doctors continue to work, perform operations and do not abandon their patients.