OREANDA-NEWS. In Russia, they proposed to simplify the procedure for calling an ambulance. To this end, the head of the public movement "For Security" Dmitry Kurdesov proposed to create a system for calling an ambulance by SMS. Such a proposal has already been sent to Mikhail Murashko, the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation.

According to Kurdesov, in conditions of an enormous load on the healthcare system, it is necessary to create a special system for calling an ambulance by sending SMS messages.

The initiator of the appeal asks the minister to consider the feasibility of a system for contacting the ambulance service by sending an SMS message, which any citizen of Russia can use.

The deputy stressed that this technology is already used by deaf patients in a number of settlements in Russia. Now they do not need to waste time trying to reach the ambulance dispatcher. He said that when calling an ambulance via SMS, the operator can quickly process the information and, if necessary, call the patient back.

Earlier, the chief doctor of the Yekaterinburg ambulance station, Igor Pushkarev, said that the ambulance should go to the Russians with coronavirus infection, based on clear criteria. According to him, the "ambulance" leaves only for those calls that are considered urgent. In this case, the patient should have a high temperature of 38.5 degrees for more than three days, as well as shortness of breath with a breathing rate of more than 17-18 breaths per minute. He clarified that an ambulance is not obliged to come to those who simply have a sore throat or no sense of smell.