OREANDA-NEWS. In Berlin, on Wednesday, September 1, the trial began in the case of a 56-year-old German citizen Jens F., who is accused of transferring plans for the building of the German Bundestag to the Russian military intelligence of the GRU. At the beginning of the court session, the indictment was read out.

It follows from it that in 2017, Jens F., who at that time was on the staff of one of the security companies working for the Bundestag, handed over a CD to an employee of the special services at the Russian Embassy in Berlin, on which in the pdf format contained more than 300 drawings of the premises in the building of the German parliament. The accused, who was engaged in the maintenance of portable electrical appliances used at the facilities of the German Parliament, had access to these plans.

In February, the Federal Prosecutor's Office of Germany filed a charge of secret agent activity against Jens F.. Six court sessions are tentatively scheduled until the end of September.