OREANDA-NEWS Forecasters predict an increase in frost during next two days in the regions of the Volga and Central Federal districts, the temperature will fall below the climatic norm and in places will be minus 24-27 degrees. At the same time in the South of Russia is expected warming to zero degrees, sleet, rain in the mountains of Krasnodar region, Kabardino-Balkaria possible danger of avalanches, TASS reported in local hydrometeorological centers and press services of regional emergency departments.

In the regions of the Volga region became cold on January, 7. In the Samara region, according to the regional EMERCOM, at night the thermometer drops to minus 21 degrees. Even colder in the Saratov region, where according to the regional hydrometeorological center, sometimes expected to minus 27 degrees. The press service of the regional emergency Department noted that the average daily air temperature will be lower than the climatic norm by about nine degrees, the cooling will remain at least until January, 11.

Forecasters predict a decrease in air temperature in the next two days in a large area of the Central Federal district. So, on the night of January 8 in the Vladimir, Kostroma regions in places is expected to minus 24-26 degrees, in the Orel, Ryazan regions-to minus 20-23 degrees, reported in regional hydrometeorological centers.

The prevailing temperature in the regions of the Central Federal district in the afternoon of January 9 is expected from minus 18 to minus 11 degrees at night-minus 15-22 degrees. Light snow will pass only in places, on the roads of possible ice, forecasters said.

Frosty weather is predicted on January 8 and 9 in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug, which at the same time fits into the climatic norm. According to the regional centre for Hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring, the temperature in the night of 8 January, fell to minus 34 degrees, in the afternoon columns of thermometers will show minus 25 degrees, winds up to 15 m/S. during the night of 9 January, is expected to a minus of 33 degrees, in the afternoon - to a minus 27.

According to the hydrometeorological center of the Republic of Komi, on Christmas night in some places were recorded 30-degree frosts in the coming days is expected warming in the South of the Republic, in Syktyvkar-to minus 9 degrees. To minus 32 degrees on January 8 are projected only in the polar Vorkuta, in the polar Inte-to minus 25-30 degrees.

In the regions of the far Eastern Federal district in the next two days, forecasters predict a strong wind. In the North of the Kuril ridge, wind gusts can be 18-23 m / s, snow is expected in the Kamchatka territory, on the coast - a Blizzard with a wind of 17-22 m / s, on the Eastern coast of the Chukotka Autonomous district on January 8, according to the website of the hydrometeorological center of Russia, the wind speed can reach 28-33 m/s, on the Okhotsk coast of the Magadan region - 19-24 m/s.

In the Crimea on Monday was declared a storm warning in the country predicted heavy sleet and fog, the air temperature is about 0 degrees. Due to bad weather, according to the state enterprise "Krymenergo", power outages on Monday occurred in 17 settlements, including in Kerch, without light were more than 6 thousand people.