OREANDA-NEWS. As the press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Thursday, the Russian authorities recognize the maximum burden on the domestic health care system due to the spread of COVID-19. As a consequence, in a number of regions of the country, a critical line in the fight against infection has already been reached.

According to the press secretary, when there is a maximum load on some system, then all its elements are tested. He said the same could be said for the current maximum burden on the healthcare system. As an example, he cited the indicator on the occupancy of beds in hospitals: in a number of regions, over 90% of beds for those infected with coronavirus are occupied.

Peskov called this ultimate load "critical line". He also drew attention to the ever-growing need for medical personnel, qualified doctors and other medical workers, and an increased need for medicines.

The presidential aide admitted that all this creates very great difficulties, noting that not only medical workers, but also all responsible officials and services currently work "practically 24 hours a day."

He stressed that such an unprecedented increase in the spread of infection once again emphasizes the responsibility of a citizen for his own health and for the health of others, and in order to show this responsibility, you just need to follow the recommendations given by sanitary doctors.