OREANDA-NEWSThe airline "Aeroflot" cancels flights to Sri Lanka and Bali, which operates the airline "Russia" (included in the group "Aeroflot") from Moscow to Colombo (Sri Lanka) and Denpasar (Indonesia, Bali Island). This is stated in the message of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR). 

According to ATOR, all flights were canceled after the May holidays (the flight on May 11 will be completed) until July. As noted, the carrier offers only one option - return of funds. "At the same time, some tourists have already flown to Sri Lanka at the end of April and should return in mid-May. They are also offered a return of cash within 30 days or a flight with another airline with docking - but at an additional cost from tourists, according to commercial tariffs", - noted in the message. 

Earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and the Rosturizm recommended refraining from visiting Sri Lanka for tourist purposes. At the same time, ATOR recalled that the ban on flights to the country was not introduced. Aeroflot is the only airline that performs direct flights from Moscow to Colombo. Russians can also get to Sri Lanka by connecting flights of Air Arabia, Emirates, Etihad and others. Flights to Denpasar (Indonesia, Bali Island) are also the only direct flights to the popular resort of Indonesia. As specified in the association, a mark on cancellation of flights to Bali appeared in the written out of the bronirovaniya in private offices on the websites of tour operators.

Last year, the largest Russian carrier refused the tolerances required for regular flights from Moscow to Port Louis and Victoria. The airline received both admissions in September 2018. Each of them allowed to carry out up to seven flights a week. However, even after receiving the approvals, Aeroflot did not report the launch of flights in the relevant areas.